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Dedicated Instructor

Gregg Gillis

  • Certified NRA Pistol Instructor
  • Certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
  • Certified NRA Range Safety Officer
  • Certified 'Refuse to be a Victim' Instructor
  • Certified Red Cross CPR/First Aid/AED.
  • US Air Force Marksman Medal
  • Strategic Air Command Munitions Master Technician 
  • US Air Force Weapons Systems Specialist  



Your instructor is an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer and is certified in providing First Aid/CPR/AED by the Red Cross.   In addition, your instructor has 17 years of military firearms safety and training experience.  


Best Possible Use of Your Time Training

If you are after your Ohio CCW training, you can select either:

  •  IN CLASS lecture (approximately six hours of classroom demonstration, lecture, and training) or...
  • Northest Ohio's only ONLINE CCW course.   Six hours of online coursework you can take at your leisure in your own home.  This does away with sitting in a classroom for six hours. This gives you a choice and is important for the professional with limited time.

You still have to qualify with live fire on the range with either choice. 



Ohio Concealed Carry Certification Training

We offer a choice of ONLINE or IN CLASS LECTURE training.  Either will take approximately five (or more) hours to complete.   This is followed by three hours on the range where you will perform live fire qualification with the help of, and under the guidance of, our instructors and range safety personnel.  


NRA "Basic Pistol" Phase 1 / 2 Training and NRA Range Safety Officer Training

These courses are taught by certified NRA Pistol Instructors, NRA Chief Range Safety Officers, assisted by certified NRA Range Safety Officers.  These are NRA approved and sponsored classes.   NRA Basic Pistol Phase 1 and 2 are requirements for students wishing to  go on to take the NRA Basic Pistol Instructors coursework.

Phase 1:  This is a basic pistol safety course and can be taken either in class or online.    Phase 2:    This is a five hour  course (three hour classroom and two hours of live fire on the range).   Passing a Range Qualification Exam and a Written Examination is REQUIRED.

NRA Range Safety Officer training is available upon request.


Private Pistol Training

This is a PRIVATE one-on-one basic introduction to pistols.   If you have never  fired, owned, or held a pistol before, this is a class to consider.  This  does not result in a CCW training certificate but it gets you started down the path of gun ownership and all  applicable safety rules.   This is a 4 hour course.

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