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2-GAMMA SAFETY SYSTEMS Ohio CCW Course Information


This is an Ohio CCW class IAW ORC 2923.125.  This course is not an NRA affiliated or NRA approved course but DOES satisfy the training requirements set forth by the state of Ohio. 


This is an IN CLASS ROOM eight hour class experience (includes range time).  This options is highly recommended if you have no experience with firearms.   We start at 11AM after you have registered with the instructor.  We take a break every 50 minutes and we will take an hour for dinner.  The classroom facility has rest rooms and vending machines.  We will cover the following course materials using lecture, slide shows, and videos.  

  • Introductions
  • Firearms Safety
  • Firearms Basics and Operation
  • Shooting Skills
  • Safety & Storage
  • Cleaning and Storage
  • Your Ohio Rights and Responsibilities
  • Ohio Concealed Carry Laws and License Application Steps
  • Discussions about local clubs and associations.

After the in class lecture portion, we then move to conduct Range Training at approximetaly 5:30PM to complete the training day.  

Your training continues on the range.  See below...


This course options brings the lecture portion of the course to you online.  You can take the lecture part of this Ohio CCW class in the comfort and leisure of your own setting.  You can work on the course and return to where you left off at any time.  The online course presents you with online lecture using text, slides, and videos and will take you approximately 5-6 hours to complete.  You will be tested on each chapter with immediate feedback and responses.   If you select this option, you will meet at the range at 5:30PM to complete the course and perform live fire qualification.

What is covered online:

  •  Introductions
  • Firearm Safety
  • Firearms Basics and Operation
  • Shooting skills
  • Cleaning and Storage
  • Your Ohio Rights and Responsibilities
  • Ohio Concealed Carry Laws and License Application Steps
  • Discussions about local clubs and associations

Students selecting this option will meet at the range to complete their training at 5:30PM.  See below...


Your Training Continues on the Range...

For both options (listed above), we complete our training on the range (just outside of the classroom).  We will start this phase at 5:30PM.  

We will conclude your training with the following:

  • Firearms Handling and Stances
  • Review of Shooting Skills
  • Review of all class material and written examination (required by Ohio)   
  • Range Safety Briefing
  • Live fire qualification on the range (required by Ohio)

Where is the range and classroom?

Hubbard Conservation Club

1760 Wick-Campbell Road

Hubbard, OH 44425

(we will send detailed directions)

What you will receive:

  • Specialized training and attention.
  • A "Certificate of Completion" upon successful completion of the course  (what you need to take to the Sheriff's Office).
  • A copy of "Ohio's Concealed Carry Laws and License application Manual".
  • The NRA Book "New Shooter's Guide".

What Do You Need To Bring?

  • If you wish to pay on the day of your training, we accept cash only ($75).  Otherwise we will accept credit cards or PayPal ahead of time.  See (PAY FOR A COURSE).     
  • Notebook/Pad, Pen/Pencil
  • Your own hearing protection (ear defenders, etc.)
  • Your own eye protection (if you wear glasses, that suffices.  No sun glasses).
  • Dress appropriately (closed neck shirt, no open toed shoes or sandals, etc.) 
  • Your Ohio Drivers License
  • Your own pistol (.22 through .45 only.  We prefer .22).  If you do not have a pistol we have a very limited number of .22 pistols you may rent with advance notice).
  • 70-100 cartridges of applicable ammunition.
  • Download the Liability Waiver (see DOWNLOADS below), print it, read it, sign it, and bring it to class on your range day.

Prior to class day you MUST review the State of Ohio Concealed Carry Laws.   See button below.

State of Ohio Concealed Carry Laws